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I make leather wallets

Samples of my work

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How are these wallets made?
Find out what it takes to make a wallet from the beginning to the end in a series of drawings I made for you.

Where do I buy one?

I have online shops on Etsy.com and Fler.cz (only in Czech) where you can see all of my wallets and buy them easily.

How to treat your leather wallet

Cowhide is basically same as skin. It gets tanned so the color will get darker by time. And it gets dry and chapped if you don’t care about it. Ideally, use a cream for leather. If you don’t have it, use at least your ordinary hand cream or any other similar cream.

Just rub it softly on the wallet once in a while. It will stay with you a long time as far as you care about it and it will nicely get old by your side.

Repairs and changes

For one year, I’ll change the damaged thread for you for free, if some problem occurs. You can also order change thread of different color or partial redyeing of the leather. Just contact me and we’ll talk about it.

Who is making these wallets?

My name is Ji Yeon Lim. I came to Prague from Korea in the middle of 2015 with a big suitcase, leather tools and my two cats. I studied fine arts back in Seoul but focus on leatherwork for a while now. I love simple, properly hand made things of all kind and my wallets should show.

Cutting picture